What is the Player Ranking System

Our 4DR (four digit ranking) system is based on the ELO algorithm as used by the USA Pickleball Association but adapted to best suit your club leagues, events or competitions. The 4DR will give each player within your club, organisation or competition an ongoing picture of their performance and list every player in order of their 4DR after every game is played.

Benefits of our Ranking System

The biggest problem most clubs face is to objectively group players together with a similar ability which can cause friction or discontent amongst some players - with everyone starting as an equal the 4DR system will rank each player based on their wins and losses and also the number of scored points within the game. As more games are played the probability ratio becomes more accurate for the outcome of each game and therefore ranking each player accordingly based on their performance and consistency.

Why Should You Use It?

If you run a club or event and want to group players of similar ability together then our Pickleball ranking service will sort that out for you and list every player within the club or event in order of their 4DR. This is great for organising who plays on what court within your club or it can be used in your very own competitions or ladder leagues for leaderboard rankings.

How Does It Work?

We have prepared a detailed document on how the 4DR system works and you can read our step-by-step guide here.

All you have to do is complete the scoresheet after every session or event and we do the rest. We will use the data from the spreadsheet to update your results and post them to your unique web page. Each player can then review their position, game stats & player form easily on thier mobile, tablet or desktop pc.

Does this replace the Traditional Rating System?

The 4DR system does NOT replace the traditional 2D skill level rating e.g 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc.. as that is used to determine skill level alone. The 4DR system is used to rank players within each club or event they play in. For example they may play in a club that has a higher ability level than another club so they will be up against stronger players within that club and therefore may lose more games compared to the other club where the ability level of all members is not as high.

Isn't this the same as DUPR?

DUPR uses it's own unique algorythm to rate individual players across the globe. With DUPR you get a score for doubles matches and a score for singles matches as a collective of wherever you play.

Our ranking systems primary purpose is to rank players within a specific group or club relevant to that group of players only. A player can have a different 4DR per club or league. This is by far the fairest way to group players of similar ability together, depending on the quality of the other players within each club or league they are in so they can have better games and use it as a tool to improve their game. We are looking to intergrate our rating system with DUPR as part of the service we offer so that your 4DR games will be sent to DUPR also.

What Countries do you provide this service to?

We provide this service to any country that plays Pickleball - we are based in the UK and everything is done electronically via the web.

Current Users

Here are a few clubs and organisations that are currently using our 4DR system.

Click on 'View' to see the 4DR in action.

Dragon LL

With over 60 players the 4DR system makes light work ranking them in the biggest Ladder League in the UK.

Anglesey Ladder League

Anglesy LL

The lovely people at Anglesey use our system for their monthly Sunday Ladder League competition.


Blaenau Gwent

Blaenau Gwent use the 4DR system for their Tuesday competitive club nights.


Giraffe House

Players are grouped according to their 4DR giving each group good games to play.


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